Are mainstream commercials going out of fashion?


Mainstream commercials may be long from being dead but it’s clear that they have a worthy opponent in the form of Internet advertisements.


The rise of eCommerce has paved way for online ads and slowly gave traditional advertising—print and media—a good competition. Although television is still, according to a survey, considered by many as the most effective means of advertising, a growing trend in Internet advertising could slowly take over.


Each year, online ads are getting more and more popular. Based on a research firm, Borrell Associates, expenditure on online ads is expected to comprise 25% of the total advertising pie this year. Data showed that $18.7 billion was spent on local online ads and it’s expected to increase to $24.5 billion in 2013.


Businesses need to pay attention to Internet advertising because it can have a huge impact on how they connect with their consumers. Although traditional commercials have dominated the market for over half a century, Internet advertising has quickly become a force to reckon with. In fact, in the UK, Internet advertising overtook TV ads in the first quarter of 2009. Data from the Internet Advertising Bureau showed a record £1.75 billion was spent on online ads. That accounted for more than 23% of advertising budget in that region.


In the US, IAB reported that revenues from online ads—text ads, display ads, pop ups, video ads, advertorials, and email ads—have reached $9.26 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2012, a $1.46 increase from last year’s figures. What does this show us? It simply means that Internet advertising is becoming a major player and businesses are in for a lot of benefits. And that includes more than increased sales. Online ads can be great for establishing positive online reputation.


But while it has a lot of advantages for businesses, it come with risks. Privacy is on top of the list. Businesses that are easily found online have to be wary of stuff that can tarnish their brands. A negative comment from a disgruntled employee can have a huge impact on your image. An irrelevant article from the many years ago can also give you a negative image.


This is why businesses need to manage their reputation online. founder Michael Fertik is a staunch advocate of online reputation management. He believes that individuals and businesses can and should protect their reputation online.


Concerns about privacy are common in startups and small, medium, and big businesses. And with the reach Internet has and the speed in which unfiltered information travel, it’s easy to tarnish a brand with a single Facebook comment or a poor review on Yelp.


Fortunately, businesses don’t have to worry about offending info on the web. founder Michael Fertik can help create positive links for businesses to impact their search engine presence and strengthen their brand.


The popularity of online ads is expected to rise. And as a result, they can have both positive and negative impact on any brand. But with the proper online reputation management, business owners can only expect to get good results from their Internet ads.

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